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City lawyer who escaped to become an award winning photographer. Now runs Abitoffthemapp Photography, the London Photo Festival and the London Photo Gallery. Purveyor of photography products: leather camera bags, leather camera straps and limited edition prints. My Etsy Shop is: Abitoffthemapp & MappofLondonUK

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I will start my #photography challenge set by @liquidmarmaladen tomorrow! #London #abitoffthemapp

I have been set a photography challenge to post an image every day for the month of June – follow me on Twitter @abitoffthemapp, this blog and FB Abitoffthemapp Photography & Design to see how I get on!

IMG_3252 text


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I’ve just spent a very enjoyable 4 hours on an Annie Sloan Painting course…

I do not think that any piece of furniture will now be safe from painting, distressing, waxing or gilding! 

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo

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Project Jeanne

I’m currently working on a photography project that is totally different from my normal night and architectural images.  It is based on a kimono that originally belonged to my great grandmother, and was eventually given to me by my grandmother, Jeanne Johnstone Wilson.  The kimono is from China (circa 1910/20s – possibly earlier) and is made from raw silk and I’ve had it made into a dress, top and some lovely wall pictures.  But the fabric is so delicate and when my Grandmother passed away in 2012, I wanted to ensure that the fabric and its history was preserved.

Hence Project Jeanne! I am in the testing phases of the project but below are a couple of images to show what I am up to.