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City lawyer who escaped to become an award winning photographer. Now runs Abitoffthemapp Photography, the London Photo Festival and the London Photo Gallery. Purveyor of photography products: leather camera bags, leather camera straps and limited edition prints. My Etsy Shop is: Abitoffthemapp & MappofLondonUK


The internal Fabric of my camera bag has a story!

The pattern is taken from an antique Chinese raw silk kimono that belonged to my great-grandmother. After I inherited this fragile heirloom from my grandmother, I decided to create a permanent record of it by using my award winning photography skills.

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One from the archives: #flowers #photography #fineart #abitoffthemapp


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My new #product #photography trays

Made in SE Asia by remarkable social enterprise business that employs people from the poorest communities and the hard of hearing and trains them up to produce remarkable lacquered products.  These are my fine art photographs decoupaged onto the trays and lacquered to a high finish.

Abitoffthemapp-1047 Abitoffthemapp-1052 Abitoffthemapp-1062 Abitoffthemapp-1076

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My beautiful #fine #art #photography trays have arrived!

On a recent trip to SE Asia, I came back with the idea of having my photographs printed onto lacquer trays and they have finally arrived.  They are made by young adults from one of the region’s poorest communities and the hearing impaired and I am delighted with the work that they have done!  The pattern is taken from Chinese silk fabric that I inherited from my grandmother and that I have photographed and digitally enhanced.


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My #fineart #photography #decoupaged onto lacquer trays

I am supporting a social enterprise project based in SE Asia. They employ vulnerable people from disadvantaged backgrounds and hearing impaired young adults to manufacture and sell original designs and genuine picture in lacquer and hand painted souvenirs.  They have been working on decoupaging my fine art photography onto lacquer trays.

I am expecting delivery in time to launch the product in 2015 and am super excited about seeing them!

20141212_084414 20141212_084421