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City lawyer who escaped to become an award winning photographer. Now runs Abitoffthemapp Photography, the London Photo Festival and the London Photo Gallery. Purveyor of photography products: leather camera bags, leather camera straps and limited edition prints. My Etsy Shop is: Abitoffthemapp & MappofLondonUK

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I will start my #photography challenge set by @liquidmarmaladen tomorrow! #London #abitoffthemapp

I have been set a photography challenge to post an image every day for the month of June – follow me on Twitter @abitoffthemapp, this blog and FB Abitoffthemapp Photography & Design to see how I get on!

IMG_3252 text


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I’ve been set a #photography challenge by @liquidmarmalade 

to take one photograph per day for the month of June. Not one to turn down a challenge, I accept and to show my commitment, here’s one I took today!  In fact, here’s two….


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Please keep in touch! #photography #London #LPF #londonphotofestival

We may not be back for another year with the London Photo Festival, but we will be involved in other projects supporting new and emerging photographers from around the world.  You can find out what we are up the following ways:

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We have some exciting projects coming up, so don’t miss out on an chance to be involved!