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City lawyer who escaped to become an award winning photographer. Now runs Abitoffthemapp Photography, the London Photo Festival and the London Photo Gallery. Purveyor of photography products: leather camera bags, leather camera straps and limited edition prints. My Etsy Shop is: Abitoffthemapp & MappofLondonUK

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My second #safety #pin bracelet made with #miyuki #beads #handmade #craft for sale on #etsy

Second Bracelet


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Spent a lovely day visiting the @decorativefair #antiques #art #design

If only I had the budget and space to house such amazing things!  I opted for an original Japanese Woodblock print SinPan Bijustsukai Ocean of Sea By Yoshinosuke Tanaka hand- printed from woodblocks in Japan in 1928.


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I’ve been trying out some #product #photography at home today #London #handmade #trays

Product photography and product styling is harder than it looks, especially when photographing something that is very reflective and you don’t have much space or access to decent natural light.  It has been an interesting learning experience, as when I thought I’d taken some a reasonably good image, I found that I had smudge marks on the tray!  Lesson 1: make sure everything is clean before you start shooting!  I have a lot more to learn….

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