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Decoupaging tin foil to furniture

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I stumbled upon this whilst researching something else and I was pretty damn impressed with the results and not one to shy away from a challenge, I decided to redo the top of the chest of drawers in my hallway.

I cut the tin foil (watch out for the sharp edges & the fact that the foil can rip even if you look at it the wrong way) and attached to the top with modge podge  – one coat was enough and I experimented with a roller but to be honest, I think using your hand to smooth the lumps and bumps is more more effective.  I wasn’t looking for a totally smooth effect, so I have not been too strict about this but the foil marks quite easily with your paw prints, so I would use cotton gloves when smoothing it out to avoid this next time! 

Apply two coats of modge podge on top of the foil and wait for them to dry.

From my research, the next step is to apply something called ‘metallic glaze’ which seems to be readily available in the States but not here and I did read that black acrylic paint will also work.

I also ran a Patterned Flower Roller over the tin foil before I applied the first coat of modge podge to add an additional pattern to the foil but it’s not very visible at the moment and may come out once I’ve applied either the metallic glaze or acrylic paint.


I am going to wait for the modge podge to completely dry and then tackle the next step sometime this week, so watch this space!!

tin foil

p.s. the modge podge wasn’t completely dry when I took this image. 


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