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How to Prepare for An Exhibition

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  1. Read the Terms and Conditions and FAQs page!

These are two very important documents and should not be overlooked.  They will contain vital information about how the exhibition is run and what is expected from you as an exhibitor.

Is there a theme?  This will enable you to select your images more easily

2. Insurance

Please see our recent post on this:


3. Framing & printing

Presentation of your work is extremely important and the wrong frame or inferior printing can mean the difference between a sale and a non-sale.  At one time, we would have recommended a well-known Scandinavian company for frames but recently we have found that they becoming too ubiquitous and break easily (however, if you want to use these frames then don’t let us stop you bear in mind that your frame must reflect the price of your work)

If you are on a tight budget, research on-line framing companies and you will find some very reasonable prices out there and they will also provide bespoke mounts.  The same goes for printers, or foster a relationship with a local framer & printer and ask if they are offering any deals or discounts.  You could also think about getting together with some other exhibitors to negotiate a group discount.

Visitors also like to see variety and there are other options to framing: acrylic, aluminium or canvas etc. and these are just as effective as frames and sometimes more cost effective to produce. Do you want to display your work another way? Get in touch with us as we are always happy to discuss alternatives.

4. Do you sign your mount?

The jury is still out on this one but at the end of the day, it’s all about personal preference.  If you choose not to sign the mount,  then at least sign the back of the frame (or stick a business card on the back) and the image – it’s all about the marketing and if the buyer decides to get your image reframed, then at least your details are on the image itself.

5. What’s your story?

Visitors and buyers love to know the story behind the image, so tell us as much as you can (within the word limit) about what inspired you to take the image and what your personal story is – why do you take photographs and tell us know if you’ve won any competitions.

Titles:  tell us where and then the image was taken – try and choose relevant titles and avoid using ‘Untitled’ when possible.

6. Pricing

Pricing your work is probably one of the hardest tasks to undertake.  One of the rules of thumb is to sell for three times the cost of producing your work (print, frame etc).  It is also imperative not to undersell yourself, to take into account who the target audience is and any costs that will be taken off your profit line (commission etc.).

7. Spread the word!

Tell everyone you know that you are taking part in the exhibition – you never know who might buy your work or another exhibitor’s work, so spread the love.

8. Enjoy and learn from the experience.

Yes, it sounds like a cliché but you will learn from every exhibition you take part in – we, as the organisers of Festival, are constantly learning and implementing changes. Learn from your fellow exhibitors: How to others present their work? How do they write about their images?  How do others price their work?

There is always something to learn!


Author: Mapp of London

Please have a look around my lovely shop on Etsy where you can buy limited edition prints, camera accessories, notebooks and trays. Mapp of London came about through my love of photography – all the products are either my own photos or designed by me to fulfill my needs as a photographer. I hope you will agree with me that these are unique and lovingly crafted items.

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